Sound Design
Embellishing silence, Elevating moments

There’s a soundtrack for every moment - my work is grounded in the ability to listen carefully to silence, watch visuals closely to contour sounds that are fitting for that moment in time. Whether a subject is moving through life with rhythm on their feet, or a person is probing art closely, I can give any visual expression, and let it play out loud like never before.

Music Production

Pulling inspiration from cultures, art, life, I produce sounds that have become the guiding force for records across genres. From unlikely arrangements, to innovating around the tiniest detail - giving artists the key to a whole new dimension is where I find the most fulfillment.

Recording Artist

As a recording artist, my immersive knowledge of sound provides the edge to the stories I tell. I throw myself into the process of creation: writing, recoding, performing and turning ordinary words into my version of sonic wonder. When you listen, you may bop, glide,or travel through time - whatever it is, I hope you feel something just like I did when creating 19 & Over, Facades, Something New


I believe that design is at its finest when it meets at the intersection of functionality and sheer expression. My BSC in Computer Technology gives me a unique perspective in design thinking, and viewing design elements,no matter how small, as part of a whole. Some of my favorite works draw inspiration from shared experiences, and over the years, I have been able to combine my technical knowledge and bias for outlier type creativity to create visual experiences that are magical, meaningful, and intuitive for each distinct audience.